Who is Provectus Care?

Harbour Quays Aged Care is part of the Provectus Care Group.  Provectus Care Pty Ltd is an Australian Government Approved Provider of residential aged care services under the Aged Care Act 1997 (Cth). The Provectus Care Group operates a portfolio of premium aged care facilities including Beresford Hall, Victoria by the Park and Drayton House.  We are presently building new facilities at Deakin, in the Australian Capital Territory and Dawes Point in Sydney’s historic Rocks district.

What type of care does Harbour Quays Aged Care offer?

Harbour Quays Aged Care is a residential aged care facility (also known as a nursing home).  We provide permanent and respite (short term) care and secure dementia specific care in fully furnished private and couple suites.  Harbour Quays Aged Care is not a retirement village.

Residential aged care is regulated and partly funded by the Australian Government for people who are unable to continue living independently at home. Unlike retirement villages, Harbour Quays Aged Care is approved by the Australian Government to care for you. We ensure that you have access to the care and services you need and provide assistance with daily tasks and assist with personal care.

We offer 24 hour nursing care, visiting medical practitioners and onsite access to allied health professionals, including physiotherapy, speech pathology, hydrotherapy, podiatry and dietetics.

Does Harbour Quays Aged Care offer respite (short term) care?

Harbour Quays Aged Care offers respite care on a short or long term basis.  An individual can access up to 63 days of residential respite care each financial year. This can be taken as a single stay or across several stays. Respite residents are required to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team before they can access respite care.

What is the process?

To live in a residential aged care facility, a person must first consult and be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to establish the level of care required.  You may ask your local doctor for guidance or you can contact ACAT directly for a free assessment on 1800 200 422.  Once you have the ACAT assessment, you need to find a residential aged care facility that suits your needs and requirements.

What is an ACAT assessment?

An ACAT assessment is an evaluation by a member of your local Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) who is a health care professional in the area of seniors care. ACAT is responsible for deciding who is eligible for placement in an aged care facility and if you are entitled to received subsidised aged care. The assessment involves an investigation of a person’s mental, physical and social situation.

The ACAT assessment is provided by the Government free of charge.  Once you have been assessed, the ACAT will provide you with an Aged Care Client Record (ACCR) which you will need to give to the residential aged care facility when applying.

You may contact ACAT directly by visiting www.myagedcare.gov.au for contact details of your local ACAT, or the Aged Care Information Line on 1800 200 422.  Your local doctor may also assist you in arranging an ACAT assessment.

What are the financial considerations?

It is important to understand all the fees involved with moving into a residential aged care facility.  You may wish to talk to an accountant or a financial advisor who specialises in aged care to receive advice in relation to these costs and your specific situation.

The cost for residing at Harbour Quays Aged Care may vary considerably.  Many residents are eligible for Government subsidies to help cover the cost of care and accommodation. The fees incurred for a resident at Harbour Quays Aged Care will include:

Daily Care Fee & Means Tested Care Fee

The Daily Care Fees contribute towards your daily living costs such as meals, linen & laundry, and nursing and care assistance.  There are two parts to the Daily Care Fee:

  • A Basic Daily Care Fee (set by the Federal Government) which applies to all aged care residents; and
  • An additional Means Tested Care Fee for residents who have higher income and asset levels. The Means Tested Care Fee is calculated by the Government based on an assessment of your income and assets. There are annual and lifetime caps on the Means Tested Care Fee and once the cap is reached, you cannot be asked to pay further Means Tested Care Fees.

Premium Service Fee

This is an additional fee payable for the superior levels of comfort and lifestyle and activities offered at Harbour Quays Aged Care as well as the luxury standard of accommodation and superior levels of meals and beverages available at the facility.

Accommodation Payment

You will pay an Accommodation Payment if your assets exceed an amount set by the Federal Government. The accommodation payment must be agreed with Harbour Quays Aged Care prior to entry and is a payment towards the cost of your accommodation. It is paid in addition to the Daily Care and Premium Service Fees. The Accommodation Payment amount will depend on the size and the location of the suite within the Harbour Quays Aged Care facility.

Accommodation Payments can be paid by:

  • Lump sum or Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD);
  • Daily Accommodation Payments (DAP) which accrue daily in addition to your Daily Care Fees;
  • or a combination of both RAD and DAP.

Please contact us to obtain more detailed information on the fees and charges at Harbour Quays Aged Care.  You many also visit the government website www.myagedcare.gov.au or click here for an Accommodation and Key Features Statement which describes the features and suite types available at Harbour Quays.

Can I visit Harbour Quays Aged Care and view the suites and facilities?

We encourage all potential care recipients and their families to visit Harbour Quays Aged Care for a private tour so that you can best appreciate the many facilities, standard of care and superior services offered at our facility. Please contact us to arrange a suitable time for your private tour.

Is there a list of other medical practitioners who will attend to me if I live at Harbour Quays Aged Care and my doctor can no longer attend to me?

Yes, if your doctor can no longer visit you when you to move to Harbour Quays Aged Care, we can assist you to select a new doctor from our list of doctors in the local area. You should ask to have your medical records sent to your new doctor. It is also a good idea to document your current medical treatments and medication to discuss with our nursing staff at Harbour Quays Aged Care to develop your individual care plan.

How do we foster diversity and inclusivity?

We celebrate diversity as a representation of all the ways we differ, which includes culture, ethnicity, colour, religious beliefs, disability, marital or family status, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual preference, language and other areas of potential difference. We support an environment which respects, protects and welcomes people of all cultural traditions, faiths and sexual preferences and orientation.

We embrace Australia as a vibrant, multicultural nation, from the oldest continuous culture of our First Australians, to the cultures of our diverse communities from around the world. We promote diversity, equity and inclusivity through fostering an environment of respect, dignity, mutual-learning, openness and an appreciation of difference. Our aim is to provide a place where everyone feels safe and confident to be themselves.

Our organisation’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan represents the deep connection that we share with our residents to partner in a care-model and delivery that values the diverse mix of cultures of the residents entrusted to our care. Our collaborative and consumer-centred approach provides care and services that are both respectful and appropriate to each individual resident’s identity. By incorporating our diversity plan into our daily operations, we are putting our mission statement into practice and delivering on the vision of the organisation.

The aim of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan is to meet and exceed the needs of each of our residents in a dignified and culturally respectful manner. The plan further enhances the warm, welcoming and inclusive environment of our facility.

We welcome everyone, exactly as they are.